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I know it’s been a long time since I last posted but I hope to be more regular in the future…. I was coping with a few illnesses and then had to go back to college.

Recently me and my friend were watching this movie about this guy who uses this magic pill to enhance his mind(NOT a drug) and do all sorts of stuff pretty easily - but then his stash of pills runs out and then he screws up. His life falls apart and he basically loses everything he had- the dream job, the dream girl, the fancy car, the big apartment and most importantly social status. So cliche.

After we were done we actually had a discussion about why the movie sucked (yeah we were THAT busy) - the sour point was that nothing in the  movie would have happened the way it did if this ever happened to me or him(seriously, who hasn’t done this?ever?). Why? Cause I would’ve been smarter. No reckless usage, always covering my tracks, knowing when to take and when to not. Calculating. Clever. Simple. Safe. No one would know. But this never happens (to me). Why? Cause it would be boring. Plain. Shallow. And the critics would never watch the movie after the trailer. And Hollywood would never make a single penny..

Though maybe I would watch it.